Møltrup optagelseshjem



At The Moeltrup Community you will not be treated as if something is wrong with you.

This means: If you have a few bruises, the nurse will surely assist you with a bandage and a couple of pain killers.
Yet it is important to understand that the empowerment element is about something quite different than implying wrongness in our residents. We wish to show the men respect as fellow human beings and let them know that everybody is valuable and much needed in our community.

It is important to us that everyone experiences a meaningful life at Moeltrup through commitment to their work in the fellowship. The work takes place around the manor house, in the fields, the woods, the barns, the kitchen, the nursery, and the workshops. All of them are a valid part of the common activities.

There is always plenty to do! And this simple fact provides a meaningful basis for the residents’ everyday life.
It really makes sense - according to the founder’s vision - to bear witness to whenever a resident manages to integrate this powerful basis into his own context and succeeds in moving towards his own goals in life.


At the Moeltrup Community the door is always open for men who - for one reason or another - are the outcasts of fortune; whether it is due to social needs, addictions, psychiatric problems, abuse, or loneliness. About 250 - 300 men are taking advantage of our facilities every year.

Moeltrup’s key to success is the fellowship and community spirit that penetrates and fills out the place. All residents are required to take responsibility for the Community in a very tangible way. This is a deliberate effort of making our men feel that Moeltrup is "their own place"; giving them the feeling that it is their very own home for a shorter or longer period of time.